Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series 2019

1 NOV 2019
Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series 2019
Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum


Nowadays science and technology have developed drastically. Chinese scientists play an important role in promoting scientific research and technological development. They have made remarkable achievements and earned international reputation in different areas of research. Since 2003, the Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series has invited more than 65 famous Chinese scientists to give lectures on sharing the latest scientific and technological information with the public, as well as encouraging young people to get into the research field for giving a new impetus to the future development of science and technology.

The Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series 2019 is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Beijing – Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre and the Education Bureau. This year, the Lecture Series consisting of three sessions, will be held on 1 November 2019 (Friday). One local and two mainland distinguished Chinese scientists will introduce their researches to the public. Details of the sessions by the local and mainland scientists will be announced on the website of Hong Kong Science Museum (http://hk.science.museum) in mid-October
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