Intensive Training Programme on STEM Education for Curriculum Leaders and Middle Managers of Secondary Schools

(To be confirmed)
On top of the cross-KLA and KLA-based professional development programmes (PDPs) organised, we plan to organise the Intensive Training Programme (ITP) for curriculum leaders and middle managers of secondary schools. The ITP aims to further strengthen their capacity in planning and implementing school-based STEM-related activities with focus on holistic curriculum planning and cross-KLA/cross-subject collaboration.

In the coming two to three school years, five batches of ITP with each comprising about ten repeated events are planned to be organised. Each event will last for 12 hours being made up of four 3-hour sessions. The modes of the ITP will include seminars, workshops and experience sharing sessions. Each school will be invited to nominate four participants, including the principal/vice-principal, panel heads/coordinators of the Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Key Learning Areas (KLAs) to jointly participate in one of the offered events in due course.

EDB Circular Memorandum