STEAM Education Enriching Knowledge Series: Development of Fisheries and Agriculture in Hong Kong and the Application of Related Technology


Room 201, LST Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, 3 Fu Yue Street, Wang Tau Hom, Kowloon and Hong Kong Fisheries & Agriculture Technology Education Centre(San Tin)


This is a newly organised training programme with the following objectives:

  1. To enrich teachers’ understanding about the history and latest development of Hong Kong’s agriculture and fisheries.
  2. To enhance teachers’ understanding of the use technology to help agriculture and fisheries achieve the goals of sustainable development, so as to solve the future world food problem.
  3. To let teachers experience how students can use big data and technology in real scenarios to carry out STEAM-related learning activities.
  4. To let teachers know how to introduce the relevant learning content in lessons to strengthen the connection between the curriculum and society.

Event Details