STEM Education Curriculum Planning Series: Pilot Programme of the Intensive Training Programme on STEM Education for STEM Coordinators of Secondary Schools (New)

Online Mode
The course will be held online through the web-based learning platform of HKU, and the specified date and time for the programme listed above is the schedule for 4 sessions of real-time online tutorial which will be conducted through Zoom.

Participants are required to follow the instructions on the online platform to complete the course within the specified dates, including finishing assignments and hands-on activities, watching video lectures, and participating in interactive online tutorial sessions. The course material packages for the hands-on activities should be collected by the participants either at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) or The Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre (KTESC) on or before 12 October 2020 (Monday).

The web-based course comprises of four sessions, and the participants are required to self-study the course materials and conduct the activities through the web-based learning platform before the tutorials with reference to the following schedule:
Session 1: Curriculum Planning (2020/10/5 – 2020/10/9)
Session 2: Designing of STEM Learning and Teaching Activities (2020/10/12 – 2020/10/16)
Session 3: Workshop of STEM Activities (2020/10/19 – 2020/10/23)
Session 4: School Sharing and Feedback (2020/10/26 – 2020/11/06)

After the completion of sessions 1 – 3, the participants have to prepare for a sharing of their learning outcomes, with the focus on enhancing the implementation of STEM education in their schools and their self-reflection as the role of STEM coordinator in schools. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants who have completed the course and submitted all the assignments.

Event Details