Google Computer Science Education Workshop 2018

9 NOV 2018 – 10 NOV 2018
Google Computer Science Education Workshop 2018
City University of Hong Kong
Brief outline of the workshops

Session 1 (9 Nov 9AM-12PM):
● introduction to CS (Computer Science)
● how does CS improve our everyday life & why should we learn CS
● hands-on with Algebra Game
● hands-on with Bridg-It! AI Game
● hands-on with Magic Squares Maze Game

Session 2 (9 Nov 1PM-4PM)
● introduction to basic AI knowledge
● hands-on with AI: AI Chatbot programming with JavaScript
● what can your students learn from CS and how can they help you to teach
● conclusion and discussion

Session 3 (10 Nov 9AM-12PM) free to join
● how to bring CS into your classroom
● individual school training
● how to prepare your school for CS Challeng 2019

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