Health Management and Social Care (HMSC) Land

The Education Bureau (EDB) has newly developed a virtual field learning game named: Health Management and Social Care (HMSC) Land in order to support the learning of teaching of the HMSC curriculum at senior secondary level. The game provides virtual field learning experiences to the students. It includes four parts: virtual tours to different healthcare settings (a dental hospital, physiotherapy facilities and District Health Centre); the short videos of briefing from healthcare experts; the virtual role-play of different health care professionals in dentistry, nursing, nutrition and physiotherapy as well as the interactive games for hands-on experiences of their work. Teachers can make use of the game to introduce the concepts of field learning, the healthcare professionals and industries under the HMSC curriculum.

The virtual field game is divided into the following 4 areas:

District Health Centre

Hospital Nursing Services


Dental Service

The game could be accessed through