Technovation 2018 and #GirlsMakeTech

28 FEB & 7 MAR 2018
Technovation 2018 and #GirlsMakeTech
Technovation is a global technology entrepreneurship challenge for girls aged 10-18.It was originated in the United States and introduced to Hong Kong by the Young Makers & ChangeMakers (YMCM) in 2017. It aims to offer an opportunity for female students around the world to learn the knowledge and skills required for technology entrepreneurs and leaders through participating in this Challenge. The Challenge is about identifying problems of one’s own community and offer solutions in the form of a mobile application. In addition, participants are also required to write a business plan for her mobile application. Please visit their websites and for further details.

In order to prepare students to participate in this global challenge, the YMCM will organise a local competition called #GirlsMakeTech. A series of training programme consisting of workshops, corporate visits and a bootcamp will be offered to local schools who join this local competition. Outstanding teams will win a chance to a summer camp in Shenzhen

The deadlines for online registration for #GirlsMakeTech and Technovation 2018 are 28 February 2018 and 7 March 2018 respectively. Schools are encouraged to participate in the captioned competitions and related activities to promote whole-person development.

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