Learning and Teaching Resources for STEM Education (KS3 – Secondary 1 to 3)

TitleContentBrief descriptionCateogryKLA
Investigating Errors of Measurements by GPS Tracking AppsLesson planTo design a method to estimate the errors of measurements by GPS tracking appsMathematical Investigation, Errors of MeasurementsMathematics Education
Flipping Measure SpoonsLesson planTo recognise the applications of mensuration in industrial designs, with the consideration of appropriately chosen materialsDesign and Make, Applications of GeometryMathematics Education
Investigating Errors in Measurements of Distance Measuring Apps
(English version only)
Lesson planTo investigate the measuring principle and errors of a common type of distance measuring appApplication Software, Errors of MeasurementsMathematics Education
Carbon Emissions(English version only)Lesson planTo investigate the amount of carbon emission in electricity generation by different fuelsEnergy and Environment, Mathematical InvestigationMathematics Education
Games of Computer Images and Data Encoding (English version only)Lesson plan, WorksheetTo apply binary numbers to interconvert between text, image and digital dataData EncodingMathematics Education
水質污染和污水處理(chinese only)ETV,
Environmental ScienceScience Education
怎樣的問題 怎樣的探究(chinese only)ETV,
介紹一些常見的科學探究類型,包括公平測試、尋找規律和比較與分類,並討論它們適用於處理怎樣的問題。Scientific InvestigationScience Education
The BRIGHT Future of Scientific ResearchVideo clipProfessor YAM Wing-wah Vivian (Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy and Chair Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, the University of Hong Kong) focuses her research on new functional molecular materials, which may have potential for producing more energy-efficient illumination and other applications. Her innovative mind, perseverance and truth-seeking spirit drive her forward. She has won worldwide recognition in the science field with numerous awards.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
The Future of RiceVideo clipWith an aspiration to provide sufficient food for billions of people, Professor SUN Sai-ming Samuel of the School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has dedicated to improving the yield and nutritional value of rice by biotechnology. He integrates traditional breeding methods with genetic engineering, resulting in a breakthrough in rice research.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
Soybean HomecomingVideo clipIn the past 15 years, Professor LAM Hon-ming of the School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has committed to improving the agricultural technology on marginal lands in China by combining traditional wisdom and the state-of-the-art technology. Through genomic analysis and cross-breeding, he and his research team have dedicated to formulating new strategies to improve soybean cultivation under adverse environmental conditions, such as drought and salinity.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
A New Dimension of CommunicationVideo clipChair Professor LUK Kwai-man, Chair Professor CHAN Chi-hou and Professor XUE Quan of the Department of Electronic Engineering and the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, City University of Hong Kong, have been working together on the invention and applications of antennas for more than a decade. They have been granted a second class technological invention award of the 2011 State Science & Technology Awards for their significant contributions to the nation.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
Design a Healthy Diet Menu for a School Lunch Box SupplierProject LearningTo design a healthy diet menu for the lunch box supplier with the application of knowledge and skills from Science, Technology and Mathematics Education KLAFood science, Mathematical InvestigationScience Education, Technology Education, Mathematics Education
Meal PlanningPowerpoint Presentation file, worksheetLearning and teaching materials for dietary goals, eating habit amd meal planningFood scienceTechnology Education
Basic Food SciencePowerpoint Presentation file, worksheetLearning and teaching materials for food microbiology and functional properties of food
Food scienceTechnology Education
Principles of Food Processing and TechnologyPowerpoint Presentation file, worksheetLearning and teaching materials for heat transference, cooking methods, effect of heat on different foods and making flour mixture
Food scienceTechnology Education
Understanding IngredientsPowerpoint presentation file, worksheetLearning and teaching materials for food commodities
Food scienceTechnology Education
Food Technology and HealthLesson plan, worksheetLearning and teaching materials for food technology
Food scienceTechnology Education
Food TestWorksheetLearning and teaching materials for functional properties of food
Food scienceTechnology Education
Textile TestWorksheetLearning and teaching materials for properties of fibres and fabrics
Textile ScienceTechnology Education
3G: Green Design, Green Technology and Green EnterpriseCase study, worksheet
To understand the issues of Green design, Green Technology and Green Enterprise in response to environmental issues through an example, namely energy saving lightingsDesign and makeTechnology Education
初中「機械人」學習資源 (chinese only)教學筆記,專題研習,原始碼
介紹機械人學、微控制器的操作及相關編程技術,以及機械人專題研習的例子機械人,編程,設計及製作Technology Education
Developing Programming Concepts through Programmable Physical Object (Arduino & micro:bit)WorksheetLearning and teaching materials for Information
Technology knowledge
CodingTechnology Education
Nutrition and HealthPowerpoint presentation file, worksheet
Learning and teaching materials for food and nutritionFood scienceTechnology Education