“Active Students, Active People” (ASAP) Campaign MVPA60 Mobile Application Design Competition

To tie in with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s recommendation that children and adolescents aged 5-17 should accumulate at least an average of 60 minutes daily of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activities (i.e. MVPA60) across the week, the Education Bureau (EDB) included the recommendation as one of the directions of the Physical Education (PE) curriculum in 2017.  In this regard, schools are encouraged to organise various physical activities to help students develop an active and healthy lifestyle.  To create a better sports ambience in schools, the EDB has launched the ASAP Campaign to provide continuous support to schools in promoting sports on all fronts through diversified student activities and teacher professional development programmes since 2021.

The ASAP Campaign – MVPA60 Mobile Application Design Competition is jointly organised by the PE Section and Technology Education Section of the EDB in collaboration with the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University.  Participating students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and programming skills by designing a mobile application related to physical fitness, physical activity levels, or promoting participation in physical activities, etc. with the aim of enhancing students’ motivation in active participation in physical activities.

Interested students should register through their respective schools for participation by completing the registration form and return it to PE Section by fax (Fax no.: 2761 4291) or email (cdope5@edb.gov.hkon or before 29 February 2024 (Thursday).  Late submissions will not be accepted.

For enquiries, please contact Mr YEUNG Tat-man of the PE Section of the EDB on 2713 3964.

Competition Details

Application Form