Gifted Education Fund: Off-school Advanced Learning Programmes (2022/23 school year) now open for application

Gifted Education Section, Curriculum Support Division, Education Bureau

This year, the Education Bureau has rolled out 11 Off-school Advanced Learning Programmes (OSALPs).  Supported by the Gifted Education Fund, the OSALPs target gifted students at primary and secondary levels.  The programmes are cross-disciplinary, covering themes related to STEAM and innovation & technology such as artificial intelligence, arts tech, fintech and social sciences.  The deadline for application is 21 April 2023.


Details of the programmes and means of application are available on the webpage below:

A QR code is provided on the right for easy access to the webpage.  Parents / guardians may download the application form from the webpage. Please submit the application form along with required documents to the programme provider by post before the application deadline.


Programme providers will inform applicants individually of the selection arrangements by emails and all applicants will be informed about their application results.