‘i – Journey’ Paid Non-local Study Leave Scheme for Secondary School Teachers (2018/19) Programme on STEM Education

The Scheme aims to create a learning journey for participants with unique learning experience, where participants will start with an inquiry, get inspired in the process, and most importantly, bring an impact on their teaching/ student learning/ school development upon returning to school. “i” refers to the 3 crucial elements of this Scheme – inquire, inspire and impact, and together they make a fruitful learning journey for participants.

The first two customised programmes under the three-year pilot Scheme, namely Interdisciplinary Learning & Entrepreneurship Education and Assessment Literacy, have been rolled out via EDBCM No. 179/2018. A new programme on STEM Education has been developed to provide more opportunities for serving secondary school teachers to broaden their perspectives and enrich their experience.

Participating teachers will be granted full-pay study leave for the whole period i.e. pre-trip, overseas experience and post-trip. Course fees and transportation between Hong Kong and the location for overseas experience will also be fully sponsored by the EDB. Funding for employment of supply teachers covering participants’ whole study leave period will be provided for their schools. Participating teachers have to undertake to teach full-time in public-sector secondary schools in Hong Kong for two years upon completion of the Programme.

EDB Circular Memorandum