Innovation and Technology Seminar – The Journey of Soybean Research (New)


LT3, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK


The lecture of the “From Soybean Homecoming to Soybean Tiangong Voyage” will be delivered by Professor Lam Hon-ming, MH of The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and schools’ experience in promoting STEAM education through soybean cultivation activities and soybean-themed activities will be shared by some secondary teachers and students representatives.


    1. To enhance teachers’ understanding of the following:
      • the use of national key scientific research in the promotion of STEAM / innovation and technology (I&T) education;
      • the use of soybean research in the promotion of national security education (e.g. food security and biosecurity) and values education;
    2. To keep teachers abreast of the latest developments in I&T in the area of agricultural biotechnology in breeding, including space mutation breeding techniques illustrated with soybean and Rhizobia;
    3. To encourage teachers to direct students to conduct scientific research; and
    4. To share with teachers schools’ experiences in promoting STEAM / I&T education through investigations of soybean cultivation.

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