STEAM Education Learning, Teaching and Assessment Series: Workshop on “Enriched Module on Coding Education for Upper Primary Level” – Using Scratch with Micro:bit to develop Computational Thinking among Upper Primary Students [New]


G/F, Seminar Room, Main Library, the University of Hong Kong   / Room 126, 1/F, Hong Kong Productivity Council Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong


    1. To deepen participants’ understanding on the knowledge and the concept of computational thinking in coding education with reference to the guideline of ” Computational Thinking – Coding Education: Supplement to the Primary Curriculum” (Primary) 2020″ and the content of the “Enriched Module on Coding Education for Upper Primary Level” (Enriched Module);
    2. To reinforce participants’ proficiency in utilizing the pedagogical approach to develop computational thinking among upper primary students as demonstrated in the enriched module and designing learning activities for teaching computational thinking and coding with using Scratch with Micro:bit;
    3. To enhance participants’ ability to integrate coding in designing practical solutions and develop their understanding of the systematic problem solving procedures; and
    4. To develop positive values and attitudes among participants in ethical use of technology.

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