Talk Series on Emerging Technologies – Science, Opportunities and Challenges 2023: From DNA to Epigenetics: A Chemist’s View


Online via Zoom



The talk starts from the introduction of DNA. DNA have a double helix structure and can be replicated to pass genetic information to next generation. In cell, the genetic information of DNA can be transcribed into RNA, which can then be translated to produce proteins. Although genetic information of DNA determines a lot of things, it still cannot explain how cells carrying exact same sequence of DNA can have different functions. The talk then focuses on the concept of epi-genetics which can explain the above observation. The most common epi-genetic information rose from modifications of DNA and histones. These modifications help to control expression of genes. Finally, the talk points out several known factors that can actually influence the epigenome and gave the audience an introduction of an example to develop new drugs based on epi-genetic interactions.




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