Learning and Teaching Resources for STEAM Education (KS4 – Secondary 4 to 6)

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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
Powerpoint Presentation file, worksheetLearning and Teaching Resources on themes Related to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeEnvironmental ScienceScience Education, Technology Education, Mathematics Education
Learning and Teaching Resources for Senior Secondary Biology Curriculum: Biotechnology & MicrobiologyBiology practical activities resourcesTo enrich the learning and teaching of topics related to biotechnology and microbiology in the Biology curriculum and to enhance the safety awareness of teachers, laboratory technicians and students in performing related practical tasks in the school laboratories, a resource package with practical activities and safety guidelines related to these topics is developed by the Education Bureau.Science Education
Chemistry Experimental TechniquesThe videos included here have demonstrated the procedures of the different experimental methods supplementing with the simple theoretical description. They can be used by students for familiarizing themselves with the corresponding experimental techniques and methods before conducting experiments and the investigative study, as well as used by teachers for teaching and pre-experiment instruction.Science Education
Materials on "Visit to The Standards and Calibration Laboratory"Click on the link to download the resources provided by “The Standards and Calibration Laboratory (SCL)”, in order to enhance teachers’ understanding about SI unitsScience Education
AP Sensor“AP Sensor” is a mobile app that enables mobile and easily accessible physical measurement for Physics experiments, with the use of built-in sensors in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. It enables students to conduct investigations at anytime and anywhere. This website provides related teaching materials of the "AP-Sensor" application, which include user manual, laboratory manual and demonstration video clipsScience Education
Learning and Teaching Package of Physics-related ActivitiesThis learning and teaching package of Physics-related activities was developed by Ms Promail Leung and her students of the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. Teachers may make use of the package to promote students’ interest and enhance their learning effectiveness in studying Physics.Science Education
Investigation on the Relation between the Maximum Walking Velocity and the Length of LegsLesson plan"To explain some phenomena in real-life situations through
mathematical modelling
Mathematical modellingMathematics Education
Centre FinderLesson planTo apply mathematical knowledge to solve real-life problems in the production of tools to locate the centre of a circular object
Real-life Applications of MathematicsMathematics Education
Pattern Lock of Mobile Phones(English version only)Lesson planTo investigate the total number of lock patterns for the mobile phones pattern lockMathematical ModellingMathematics Education
Modelling the spread of a diseaseLesson planTo use mathematical models to simulate the spread of a diseaseMathematical ModellingMathematics Education
Trilateration and Global Positioning SystemLesson planTo apply trilateration to locate a position using GPSMathematical Investigation, Real-life Applications of MathematicsMathematics Education
Linear Programming and Food IntakeLesson planTo apply linear programming to find the optimal food combination under the nutrient restrictionsReal-life Applications of MathematicsMathematics Education
Mathematical Modelling on Decision-making: Probabilistic Model
(English version only)
Lesson planTo apply probability in modelling real-life scenarios for making reasonable forecastMathematical modellingMathematics Education
Programming in CalculatorsLesson planTo develop computational thinking skills through programming in calculatorsComputational ThinkingMathematics Education
Mathematics Cabinet Series (5)Applications of Mathematics : Image Processing - Revolution of Matrix(Chinese version only)BookletThe booklet introduces the application of mathematics in digital image processing, such as image editing, image compression and noise eliminationReal-life Applications of MathematicsMathematics Education
Mathematics Cabinet Series (7)Applications of Mathematics : Analysis of Genes and Protein(Chinese version only)BookletThe booklet gives readers a preliminary understanding of the use of mathematical tools in the study of genes and proteins in biologyReal-life Applications of Mathematics, BiologyMathematics Education
Investigative Study in ChemistryTeaching notes, WorksheetTo design and conduct investigations to solve authentic problems through the six exemplars which aim at providing students with opportunities.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
The BRIGHT Future of Scientific ResearchVideo clipProfessor YAM Wing-wah Vivian (Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy and Chair Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, the University of Hong Kong) focuses her research on new functional molecular materials, which may have potential for producing more energy-efficient illumination and other applications. Her innovative mind, perseverance and truth-seeking spirit drive her forward. She has won worldwide recognition in the science field with numerous awards.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
The Future of RiceVideo clipWith an aspiration to provide sufficient food for billions of people, Professor SUN Sai-ming Samuel of the School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has dedicated to improving the yield and nutritional value of rice by biotechnology. He integrates traditional breeding methods with genetic engineering, resulting in a breakthrough in rice research.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
Soybean HomecomingVideo clipIn the past 15 years, Professor LAM Hon-ming of the School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has committed to improving the agricultural technology on marginal lands in China by combining traditional wisdom and the state-of-the-art technology. Through genomic analysis and cross-breeding, he and his research team have dedicated to formulating new strategies to improve soybean cultivation under adverse environmental conditions, such as drought and salinity.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
A New Dimension of CommunicationVideo clipChair Professor LUK Kwai-man, Chair Professor CHAN Chi-hou and Professor XUE Quan of the Department of Electronic Engineering and the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, City University of Hong Kong, have been working together on the invention and applications of antennas for more than a decade. They have been granted a second class technological invention award of the 2011 State Science & Technology Awards for their significant contributions to the nation.Scientific InvestigationScience Education
Environmental Technology: Hydrogen-powered CarCase study, worksheet
To explore the techological principles and environmental responsibilities about the invention of Hydrogrn-powered carDesign and makeTechnology Education
可持續建築 (chinese only)教學計劃,個案研習,工作紙,專題研習,評估課業To explore the techological principles and environmental responsibilities about the invention of Hydrogrn-powered car.Design and makeTechnology Education
高中化學探究研習(chinese only)ETV闡述高中化學「探究研習」的理念,及如何在學校開展和進行科學探究科學教育